Dimitri Mishkin (Tcheky Karyo)

Character: Dimitri Mishkin
Actor: Tcheky Karyo
Movie: GoldenEye
Age: Late 30's
Appearence: Short black hair, dark manicured beard, blue eyes, medium build
Status: Murdered

Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin is one of modern Russia's strong political figures. However, in GoldenEye, he gets caught between a traitorous comrade and the top agent of the British Secret Service. Unfortunately, he finds out the truth too late.

Dimitri Mishkin was the Russian Minister of Defence, who initially suspected James Bond and MI6 were responsible for the Severnaya disaster. General Ourumov deceived Mishkin, by convincing him that the disaster was from the hands of Siberian separatists.

Later, when Bond and Nataylia were captured, Dimitri Mishkin interrogated them, still believing that they was responsible. After much discussion Mishkin discovered that General Ourumov was responsible. No sooner did Ourumov storm into the room, and was confronted by Mishkin, after Ourumov tried desperately to lay the blame on Bond, he assassinated Mishkin.