Sales of the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD are breaking all predictions and smashing the record books...

DAD DVD Sales Surpass Expectations
6th June 2003

The "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD has flown off shelves in every country it has been released in, but none more so than in the USA where the region 1 has had phenomenal sales and is set to smash the record books.

Sales Predictions

In April 2003, MGM originally projected that "Die Another Day" would sell around 14 million units (DVD and VHS) worldwide, but this figure would soon need to be revisited when sales performance in Europe was much better than expected. Excellent sales in the UK, Germany and France (where the DVD was released a month earlier than the USA) gave MGM something to smile about - the title was selling better than even the optimistic targets.

"The sales in the retail stores have exceeded our expectations in [Europe] and we are very, very pleased", said MGM president Chris McGurk.

The good news caused MGM to increase the sales targets to an amazing 15 million units. At an approximate unit-cost of $14, the total sales would collect a cool $210 million.

Selling 15 million copies of "Die Another Day" would be amazing feat - "Spiderman" is currently the most successful film in US history and it only sold 12.7 million units.


Record Breaking

On the first day of release in the USA, "Die Another Day" sold an astonishing 1 million DVD units. According to industry sources, two of the largest retailers were already placing reorders by the second day of release. So far it is estimated that MGM have shipped 8 million units (DVD and VHS combined) to stores in the USA.

"Sell-off of 'Die Another Day' product released in numerous European markets has been extraordinarily strong and we expect the same results domestically and in other foreign territories," said David Bishop, president and COO of MGM Home Entertainment. "The Bond films have always been a tremendous hit with consumers and given the highly anticipated arrival of this Special Edition DVD, we are confident the title will fly off shelves at retail."

Worldwide Success

With 8 million units on sale or already sold in the USA, and another 8 million units in Europe and the rest of the world, the total sales for the title is likely to exceed even the increased predictions. The sale of 16 million units would set a record, and the DVD is still to be released Japan.

McGurk anticipates that "Die Another Day" will become the most profitable film in MGM history, after the sales of television, DVD and VHS are entered.

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