Rumours are flying about other Indian actresses, but agents claiming to work for EON Productions in Bollywood have their sights set on only one: Rai, Aishwarya Rai...

Agents Target Aishwarya Rai
14th April 2003

After the initial announcement by Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai's secretary about a possible casting for Bond 21, other Indian actresses have been linked to the production. According to the talent agency who claim to be wqorking for EON, Rai is the only Indian actress involved in any negotiations with the forthcoming project.

Imagio Entertainments, who say they were hired to represent EON Productions in Bollywood, have issued a statement on the situation. Jazz Barton and Ravi Bharj, owners of Imagio Entertainments, said:

"We have not approached any other Indian heroine for the role".

That has not stopped British newspapers touting other Indian actresses for the role - namely former Miss world Priyanka Chopra, former Miss Universe Lara Dutta and young star Preity Zinta - since the news of Rai's talks broke last week.

Above & Below Left: Aishwarya Rai

Imagio Entertainments said, "Aishwarya is an extremely talented woman and we are in daily contact with her regarding the project after our meeting with her before she was discharged from the Hinduja Hospital" (Rai was injured on the set of her latest film "Khaki" shortly before talks were due to begin).

"We had gone to Nasik to meet Aishwarya but the freak accident at the outdoor shoot of the film Khaki, involving the actress, had delayed our meeting. We are optimistic that the highest paid Indian Actress would agree to the project during her next meeting with the producers in London".

Aishwarya Rai flies to London in June for a two-week outdoor shoot on he next film "'Kyon ho Gaya Na Pyar'". Imagio Entertainments added that she would be meeting EON producers for further talks during her stay in England.

Rai's agent, Hari Singh, said "Everything has to be kept confidential at the moment, but of course it's exciting for her. Agents have been flying out to see her about Bond. They wanted to find out if she is available and willing. She is".

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