After an intense ten days of press rumours and statements from agents in Bombay, Eon Productions have denied all links with Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai for Bond 21...

Eon Productions Deny All Links To Aishwarya Rai
15th April 2003

10 days on from the first announcement by Aishwarya Rai's personal secretary that she was starting talks for a role in Bond 21, Eon Productions have denied all links with the Bollywood star.

The Rai story started on 4th April 2003 when her personal secretary, Hari Singh, told AFP that she was starting talks to be the Bond girl in the 21st instalment of the series:

"I cannot name the agency as it is confidential. But they are keen to cast her."

Press and media wires turned white hot with the prospect of Bollywood's hottest property getting involved with Bond, and in the maelstrom other actresses were linked to the project.


Above: Aishwarya Rai does her best Christmas Jones impersonation

Yesterday, the "confidential" agency - Imagio Entertainments - came out of the shadows to tell press in Bombay that rumours of other Indian actresses being considered were false, and Rai was the only one in contention for Bond 21: "We have not approached any other Indian heroine for the role. Aishwarya is an extremely talented woman and we are in daily contact with her regarding the project".

Today Eon Productions gave a statement to The Times Of India to debunk the story and deny all links with Aishwarya Rai and the Bombay based agency Imagio Entertainments:

"These are rumours. We have not approached Aishwarya... we have no script, no casting agent, not even a date for the film," said Catherine McCormack of Eon Productions.

In response to Imagio Entertainments' claims of working on behalf of Eon ion Bombay, McCormack said, "We have never asked them to do any work for us. When we get a script, well get a casting agent and they will start to look around"

When pressed about the possibility of Rai - or another Indian actress - being involved at a later date, McCormack left the door open, "Perhaps. But we have not thought of it at the moment".

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