Daniel Craig has talked about how the 22nd James Bond film will continue the story arc and character development of Casino Royale...

Craig On Bond 22
12th August 2007

In a recent interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Daniel Craig spoke briefly about the upcoming 22nd James Bond film and how the story arc and character development will continue from Casino Royale.

When asked about where he would be taking Bond in the next film, Craig said, "Well, I think that we've set up an idea now that there's an organization out there. He also has to deal with revenge because he has lost the girl. I think the process [of how he becomes Bond] is still happening. We haven't finished the [story] arc."

"Bond is still maybe too headstrong and he doesn't make all of the right decisions. I want to continue what we've set up in the last movie. We made a good movie and I just want another good movie."

The style reboot in Casino Royale, which disposed of invisible cars and ice palaces in favour of gritty hand-to-hand fighting and battles of wit across card tables, was perhaps a reaction to the direction of other action films as much as the fantasy cul-de-sac that was Die Another Day.


On this topic, Craig had only good things to say about Bond's competitors at the multiplex. "Just look at the Bourne series, which are superb movies." he said. "They've kind of brought things to a grittier way, which I really appreciate in an action hero. I like to see these people really dig in. I also like the old Michael Caine spy movies that they were doing in the '60s. The landscape has [also] changed politically, but I don't think we're any less confused then we ever were. That's why people love good action or sci-fi films or even the James Bond series. We want action heroes who might not know all the answers, but at least they know who the bad guy is and can try to get him or them."

Outside of Bond, Craig will be seen next in a remake of "The Invasion" with Nicole Kidman - a film he shot before being announced as the sixth 007. "It's entertainment, but it also makes you think," he said of The Invasion. "People keep asking if I can do other things and put Bond behind me now. Honestly, I can and this is a very high-class problem to have in your life. I'm not looking for ways to counter Bond."

So how is life for Craig and his family now that he is internationally recognised as the world's most famous spy? "It's a huge deal, but they're very proud of me and seem to be very happy. I've been acting a long time now and so it's not like I haven't been doing things and they haven't noticed things. This is a big deal, but this hasn't come out of the blue."