Further reports indicate that the 22nd James Bond film is likely to be heading to Austria for location filming in the Voralberg region of the country...

Bond 22 Pre-Production Diary (12)
23rd September 2007

It appears that the 22nd James Bond film will be heading to Austria for location filming, as the production team spent further time in the country last week. More specifically, location scouting took place again in Voralberg, the westernmost state of Austria.

Though it is the nation's second smallest state in terms of area (Vienna is the smallest), Voralberg borders Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Bregenz is the capital of the Voralberg region, which also is one of the five cities (the other four are: Dornbirn, Hohenems, Feldkirch and Bludenz).


Above: Location scouting focused on the city of Bregenz in the Voralberg region of Austria.

Last month, MI6 reported that the production team had already visited the city of Bregenz to take in a rehearsal performance of "Tosca" a unique Opera stage which floats on the water (known as the "Seebühne"). The stage is a key tourist attraction of the region, and due to the expensive sets used in the productions, each opera is featured for two consecutive years. The production team also visited the Festival Opera House in the city during the August trip.

Above: The impressive set for the production of Tosca on the floating stage in Bregenz, Austria

Local news reports now state that city organisers are looking to take advantage of Bond's location filming in a tourism push for the region's festivals. If plans move ahead, a contract is due to be signed in November which will cover location shooting as well as filming in and around a performance of "Tosca" on the floating stage.

Location, Location, Location
During the past week, production representatives were also interested in the modern architecture around the Rhine Valley region Ländle.

The location scouting also took in the art gallery in Bregenz, the area of Bodensee around Lake Constance, and the nearby Friedrichshafen airport across the border in Germany.

Axel Renner, press spokesman for the festival, confirmed that scouting had taken place between the cities of Dornbirn and Friedrichshafen.

Renner also told local radio that the production team were particularly interested in the city centres, the industrial plants and modern architecture in the region. He stressed though that no firm decisions had been made yet. Confirmation is expected in November.


Above: The art gallery in Bregenz was a specific point of interest for location scouts.

Above: Across the border in Germany, the nearby Friedrichshafen airport was also visited.

In Brief...
Appearing on "The Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson on CBS (USA) to promote his new film "In the Valley of Elah", writer Paul Haggis was quizzed about his work on the new 007 movie. When asked how far along he is in re-writing the first draft script by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, Haggis said, "I am on page 45". This is "no where near" half way, according to Haggis, which indicates Bond 22 may have a long running time akin to "Casino Royale". He joked that "shooting doesn't start until December, so I have plenty of time", and hinted that traditional Bond gadgets may come back in the new film - "they might, they might, but I won't tell you", he teased. Haggis revealed he is heading to Italy to get some writing complete. "It's nice that people can't get you on the phone. Because they're 9 hours behind [in Los Angeles] I can get a lot done".