Video and pictures of Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem on the streets of London filming a 'Skyfall' chase sequence with hundreds of extras and vehicles...

London Chase Filming

11th March 2012

The "Skyfall" production team were in central London again today, for what is understood to be the final day of location shooting in the nation's capital before the first unit travels to Turkey on Wednesday. In a continuation of scenes filmed earlier in February, which showed a dusty Daniel Craig emerging from the London Underground chasing on foot, the 007 star was in action again today along with the central villain of the film.

The whole of lower Whitehall was closed off for the filming today, which involved dozens of police, fire and ambulance vehicles, hundreds of extras and even the new 2012 Routemaster London bus. Over on Northumberland Avenue, fake signage was placed atop a disused Charing Cross exit to make it appear to be Embankment station, and another on Whitehall Place where Bardem's villain will exit. Adjacent to the fictional Embankment station is the Playhouse Theatre, which is currently performing 'Dreamboats and Petticoats', but for the purposes of "Skyfall" will be seen to have a fictional production of 'Assassins'.

In the video below, Daniel Craig and his stunt double can be seen preparing for a sequence where Bond sprints away from the Underground exit and against the emergency services traffic towards the Cenotaph in Whitehall - the monument that commemorates the dead in all wars in which British servicemen have fought. His double takes a crack at the action before Craig performs the chase himself. A couple of Remembrance poppies can also be seen on vehicles, indicating the film will be set in 'real time' around late October/early November when it is released in cinemas.

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Javier Bardem's villain, Silva, was seen for the first time in character on location today. Sporting a blonde wig disguise and impersonating a Metropolitan police officer, he can be seen calmly escaping the chaos as armed police and emergency services react to events triggered by the villain. Having the villain use a disguise to escape Bond's pursuit may not be a surprising twist considering writer John Logan's first Bond film was "Diamonds Are Forever".

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