The owner of Duntrune Castle has confirmed the location will be used for the finale of the 23rd James Bond film...

Scottish Castle Finale

8th October 2011

It was first rumoured back in August when a pre-production team from the 23rd James Bond film (including director Sam Mendes) were reported to be scouting Scottish castles, but it has now been confirmed by the owner that Duntrune Castle on the Poltalloch Estate near Lochgilphead in mid-Argyll will be used in Bond 23.

The BBC were told by Patricia Malcolm, who lives in the castle with her husband Robin, that several days of filming would start at the end of February 2012. "They are coming here at the end of February and are going to film for several days," she said. "They are using the castle - just the outside - it's going to be used for the end of the film. They want a winter scene, so they are going to bring their own snow. It looks as if they are going to construct the set and then blow it up. I think they are going to attack the castle from land and sea - there are going to a lot of bangs and explosions."

However, she went on to speculate that the location is integral to the plot because of James Bond's heritage (his father was Scottish) and that 007 "would bring all the villains here." These theories were touted by fans when the first hint of a Scottish location was discussed months ago. It is unlikely that residents of the location would be given any plot details.

Builders are set to begin work on the site early in the new year - and boost the local economy by employing craftsmen from the area. Clan chief Robin Malcolm, who owns the 5,000-acre estate, confirmed: "Preparatory work begins as soon as everybody sobers up after New Year, but I can’t go into details. I am sworn to secrecy."

He was first contacted by a location scout six months ago, and they arrived three months ago on a tour that took in three different locations on the same day. "We never heard any more from them, then they said could they come again?", Malcolm told the Daily Record. "By then, Sam Mendes in particular had decided in his heart."

Anywhere 007 goes, tourists are sure to follow. "I reckon it will be good for the economy of mid-Argyll," Malcolm said. "I have asked them to use local labour as much as they can and they will be staying locally. The number of cast and crew here will peak at just over 200. An awful lot of friends are coming up to me and saying, 'Could you squeeze me in as an extra'? I have suddenly become popular."

EON Productions said: "We have looked at various locations for B23. We won't confirm anything until our start of production press conference some time next month."

The castle is just 20 minutes from Loch Craignish, where the climatic boat chase was filmed for "From Russia With Love" after they abandoned the original Turkish location. Bond 23 is also scheduled to shoot in Istanbul, the major location of "From Russia With Love".