AudioGo is giving MI6 readers an exclusive discount on new 007 audiobooks. Plus hear from Lucy Fleming about the new interpretations of her uncle's work...

Bond Audiobook Bundle - Save 33%

25th November 2012

Thanks to our friends at AudioGo, MI6 readers can receive 33% off any three of the new 007 audiobooks. By ordering any three and entering the coupon code mi6hqreloaded readers can take a third off their order from AudioGo.

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The brand new Fleming audiobooks are read by an all star cast that includes 007 alumni Rosamond Pike, Toby Stephens and Rory Kinnear as well as British icons Jason Isaacs, David Tennant, Martin Javis, Kenneth Branagh and others.

"When you're reading an un-edited novel, it remains very much a literary experience. The author describes characters, explains motivation and tells you what they're thinking; so there isn't much call for "acting". That said, when playing Dr. No, I did wear a nice Mandarin style linen jacket I found in Kong Kong. It didn't help much but it was very comfortable!" - Hugh Quarshie, who reads "Dr. No"

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