The limited edition From Russia With Love: SPECTRE Ring prop replica is now available to pre-order...

SPECTRE Ring Prop Replica
20th January 2012

This prop ring is one of the hallmarks of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of the nefarious SPECTRE. (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), who was first seen in the 1963’s "From Russia With Love". Also known as ‘Number 1,’ we never see Blofeld’s face in From Russia with Love. He remains a shadowy figure identified only by a trademark white cat and this ring…

The Factory Entertainment ‘From Russia With Love SPECTRE Ring’ prop replica is plated in 18kt gold and features a genuine black onyx semi-precious stone. It was created after exhaustive and careful study of reference in the EON Productions archives to ensure maximum accuracy.

The replica features the same ‘open’ ring band design as the original prop, intended to represent two sets of arms or tentacles. Officially licensed by EON productions/Danjaq LLC, the replica is released as a strictly limited numbered edition. The edition size is just 750 pieces worldwide.

Each replica is presented in a mock safety deposit box style box bearing the SPECTRE logo, also included are a display stand, ring storage box, COA and prop story booklet. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the reverse of a faux coaster designed to emulate the coaster seen in scenes where Kronsteen is summoned away from his chess game.

Technical Notes
Ring Weight – 1 ounce (28grams). Size – US 12 (Inside band Ø21mm). Please note, this item is intended for display and is not suitable for daily wear. Although the open band design theoretically allows for small adjustments to fit different size fingers any damage to the ring caused by over adjustment will void the warranty and return policy.