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Hammerhead Series Preview

6th October 2016

Covers and synopses have been released for the first three issues of the upcoming James Bond comic book adventure Hammerhead

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Following on from 'VARGR' and 'Eidolon' by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters, the third adventure in the new James Bond series by Dynamite Comics will be titled 'Hammerhead' and will be written by Andy Diggle with art by Luca Casalanguida. Covers for the series will be drawn by Francesco Francavilla. The first part of the six-part series goes on sale this month.

Issue #1 (October 12th, 2016)
Bond is assigned to hunt down and eliminate Kraken, a radical anti-capitalist who has targeted Britain's newly-upgraded nuclear arsenal. But all is not as it seems. Hidden forces are plotting to rebuild the faded glory of the once-mighty British Empire, and retake by force what was consigned to history. 007 is a cog in their deadly machine - but is he an agent of change, or an agent of the status quo? Loyalties will be broken, allegiances challenged. But in an ever-changing world, there's one man you can rely on: Bond. James Bond.

James Bond Hammerhead Issue #1

Issue #2 (November 9th, 2016)
Assigned to hunt down and eliminate a terrorist threatening Britain's nuclear deterrent, 007 shadows the nation's leading defense contractor at the Dubai Arms Fair. As a lethal trap is sprung around him, Bond finds an unexpected ally in glamorous arms company

James Bond Hammerhead Issue #2

Issue #3 (December 14th, 2016)
After a massacre in Dubai, 007 closes in on the mysterious Kraken. But while investigating a mercenary safehouse in Yemen, Bond discovers the most advanced Q-Branch technology can sometimes prove less an asset than a liability. And a weapon is only as lethal

James Bond Hammerhead Issue #3

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