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Review James Bond Gadgets DVD Preview
14th December 2006

"Bond Gadgets" and "More Bond Gadgets" was first broadcast on the History Channel. They feature interviews with key personnel from Eon Productions, collectors of Band gadgets, and published James Bond experts.

Packaging & Presentation

They might tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but when selling a product it's all-important that the packaging and presentation is attractive.

Perhaps the makers of the James Bond Gadgets DVD let this slip when producing this 2-hour, 7 episode, DVD. Yes, the packaging is plain and in all honesty unattractive. Some may argue it’s what that is inside that counts, but design sense and artwork go a long way to impressing a reviewer or even a buyer.

The standard DVD case is wrapped in a cardboard slip – this might add a fancy touch, but the cardboard slip sports the same information and images as the standard DVD cover.

DVD menus are in the style of the cover but simple, easy to navigate and features specially composed, ‘Bondian’ themed soundtrack – if a little techno!


Video & Audio

The video quality, originally broadcast on the History Channel, is nothing spectacular. But a nice touch is a few rare, behind the scenes production shots from the shooting of the James Bond films.

Above:Underwater aqua sled


Aside from the usual stunners of the Bond world – the Aston Martin DB5 or Octopussy Acrostar – the content of the DVD is fresh and interesting. The producers follow up the legacy of the old gadgets, including the Thunderball Rocketbelt, and where the modern equivalent is flying today or the Aqua Tow-Sleds, where an original craft (used in the filming of Thunderball) is launched for the first time in 30 years.


Episode Guide
Seven episodes address the gadgets of Bond. What’s possible, what’s impossible? Though out the series, explore the physics and gadgetry of the James Bond world, with episodes featuring:

  • The Bell Textron Jet Pack as seen in Thunderball
  • Little Nellie, the Wallis Autogyro as seen in You Only Live Twice
  • The Q Boat as seen in The World Is Not Enough
  • The Aston Martin DB5 and V-12 Vanquish
  • The Freedom Jet as seen in Octopussy
  • Aqua Tow Sleds as seen in Thunderball
  • The 360 degree Barrel Roll as seen in The Man With The Golden Gun

The tech-specs and video quality might be not impressive, but the content will keep even the most knowledgeable Bond fans interested. Don’t judge it by its cover; it’s well worth a watch.

Special Features

Data Stream
Region: 2
Screen: 4:3 PAL
Sound: Stereo
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 110 minutes
Release Date: 15th May 2006

"James Bond Gadgets" will retail for £11.99 in the UK (Region 2)

Region 2 - Amazon

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