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Q-Branch - Gadgets & Vehicles

Click the gadget or vehicle to view an in-depth Q-Branch profile and detailed mission report:

Dr No
Gadgets Vehicles
Berretta Dragon Tank
Walther PPK Sunbeam Convertible

From Russia With Love
Gadgets Vehicles
Briefcase SPECTRE Launches
Tape Recorder SPECTRE Helicopter
Lektor Decoder  
Poison Knife Shoe  
Piano Wire Watch  
Walther PPK  

Gadgets Vehicles
Homer / Receiver  Aston Martin DB5
Seagull Snorkel Rolls Royce 337
Oddjob's Derby Lockheed Jet Star
Atomic Bomb  
Industrial Laser  
Walther PPK  

Gadgets Vehicles
Mini Breather Aston Martin DB5
Infrared Camera  1965 Mustang
Homing Capsule BSA Lightning Motorcycle
Watch / Geiger Counter Disco Volante
Camera / Geiger Counter Bomb Transport
Tape Recorder Book Propulsion Unit
Gamma Gas Bell Textron Jet Pack
Walther PPK Vulcan Bomber

You Only Live Twice
Gadgets Vehicles
Body Wrap Breather Little Nellie
Mini Safe Cracker Toyota 2000 GT
Cigarette Rocket Tanaka's Train
Rocket Guns M1 Submarine
Lipstick Bomb Helga's Cessna
Walther PPK Magnet Helicopter
  SPECTRE Bird 1
  SPECTRE Attack Helicopters

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Gadgets   Vehicles
Safe Cracker   Aston Martin DBS
Minolta Spy Camera   Cougar
Walther PPK   Bob Sled
    Blofeld's Mercedes
    Red Cross Helicopters

Diamonds Are Forever
Gadgets   Vehicles
Piton Pistol   Dirt Trikes
Latex Fingerprints   Moonbuggy
Finger Clamp   Mustang Fastback
Slot Machine Ring   Bathosub
Walther PPK    

Live And Let Die

Gadgets   Vehicles
Rolex / Magnet   Glastron Speedboats
Shaving Kit   Hang Glider
Shark Gun   Double Decker Bus
Felix Lighter   Pimp Mobile
Walther PPK   Bleeker School Cessna

The Man With The Golden Gun
Gadgets   Vehicles
Golden Gun   Flying Medator
Walther PPK   Scaramanga's Junk

The Spy Who Loved Me
Gadgets   Vehicles
Watch / Ticker Tape   Lotus Esprit Submarine
Ski Pole Rifle   Wet Bike
Cigarette Sleeping Gas   Liparus Tanker
Walther PPK   Jaws` Van
    Exploding Sidecar
    Mini Escape Sub

Gadgets   Vehicles
Wrist Dart Gun   Astronaut Training Centrifuge
Seiko Detonator Watch   Hydrofoil
Pen/Poison Needle   Gondola Hovercraft
Walther PPK   Moonraker Shuttles

For Your Eyes Only
Gadgets   Vehicles
Voice Link Watch   Lotus Esprit Turbo 1
ATAC   Lotus Esprit Turbo 2
Walther PPK   Citroen 2CV
    Snow Motorcycles
    Neptune Submarine
    Mantis Submarine
    St. Georges Trawler
    Universal Exports Helicopter

Gadgets   Vehicles
MontBlanc Pen   Acrostar Mini-Jet
Crocodile Submarine   Tuk Tuk Taxi
Spin Saw   Circus Train
Walther PPK   Octopussy's Barge
    Union Jack Hot Air Balloon

A View To A Kill
Gadgets   Vehicles
Ring Camera   Iceberg Submarine
Rover   Zorin's Airship
Walther PPK   Zorin's Blimp

The Living Daylights
Gadgets   Vehicles
Keychain   Aston Martin Volante
Walther PPK   CIA Motor Yacht
    Cargo Plane
    Harrier Jump Jet

Licence To Kill
Gadgets   Vehicles
Signature Camera Gun   Kenworth Tanker Trucks
Dentonite Toothpaste   The Wavekrest
Walther PPK   Shark Hunter II
    Cessna 185
    Cessna Pontoon Plane

Gadgets   Vehicles
Pen Grenade   Aston Martin DB5
Piton Gun   BMW Z3 Roadster
Omega Watch   Ferrari 335
Digital Camera   Tank 343
Magnetic Mines   ICBM Train
Rappelling Belt   Jack Wade`s Car
Key-Code Cracker   Manticore Motor Yacht
Walther PPK   Warship La Fayette
    Tiger Helicopter
    MIG 29 Fighters

Tomorrow Never Dies
Gadgets   Vehicles
Ericsson Mobile Phone   BMW 750i
Omega Watch   BMW Cruiser Motorcycle
GPS Hacking Device   Carver Stealth Ship
Sea Drill   HMS Devonshire
Ear Ring / Lock Pick   Carver Helicopter
Walther PPK   Chinese MIG's
Walther P99    

The World Is Not Enough
Gadgets   Vehicles
X-Ray Specs   BMW Z8
Ski Jacket   Q Boat
Credit Card Lock Pick   Sunseeker
Omega Watch   Pipeline Rig
Walther P99   Nuclear Submarine
    King Helicopters

Die Another Day
Gadgets   Vehicles
Sonic Agitator   Aston Martin Vanquish
Surfboard   Jaguar XKR
Mini Breather   Ford Thunderbird
Omega Watch   Skidoo
Walther P99    

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