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Comic Cover-Up

15th April 2021

The latest James Bond comic book artwork has hit a nerve

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Comic book cover artist Aaron Lopresti has been asked to censor his latest James Bond work to appease 'wokeness.' According to the veteran artist, his design for Dynamite Comics' upcoming issue James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE #3 hit a snag. 

He explained on a recent live stream: "I've got a sad story for you boys out there. I was contacted by the editor specifically requesting me to do a Steranko swipe (of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4). I first turned in a design that was Steranko-inspired but wasn't really a swipe of anything he'd done, which I really kind of liked. But he said, 'no, I want something more deliberate.' So, I went back and did an  - almost - direct swipe. There are a few elements that are different but it's pretty much what Steranko did."

"So here's the sad part... The girl in the underwear... Apparently, with the James Bond people getting all 'woke' and all, they don't want to show James Bond being a sexist character anymore so they don't want any more girls in underwear or bikinis on the cover. So, I have to put a dress on her.  I have to do that this week. I'm going to do a patch in Photoshop to add a dress over the top of her to cover her up. 

Unfortunately for those who had a problem with the underwear, the cover made it in previews to comic book outlets (and Amazon) before the change was made. The censored version is set to release on May 5th, 2021, but has yet to be seen.

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