The British Motor Show at the NEC will feature the latest James Bond cars from October 22nd 2002.

007's Aston Martin Vanquish, Zao's Jaguar XKR and Jinx`s Ford Thunderbird are all on display. MI6 has the story...

British Motor Show 2002
25th October 2002

The British International Motor Show returned to the NEC this year, and features more than 50 cars that have never been seen before in the UK.

But for Bond fans the most exciting exhibit is in Hall 4 on the Ford stand - all three cars from "Die Another Day" are showcased.

Upon closer inspection, these are not standard production versions of the cars either. Q has obviously been busy before the show refitting the gadgets and replacing the rockets.

The designers of the "optional extras" Nick Finlayson, Andy Smith and Peter Lamont - production designer for Bond's latest adventure - were on the stand on Tuesday 29th October to give an exclusive first hand demonstration of the gadgets.

Right: The huge 007 stage featuring the cars (UK Reuters).




Lamont has worked on 17 Bond films, starting way back in 1964 on Goldfinger. Almost 40 years later, he has brought the ejector seat back to Bond's car.

Die Another Day will see the first 007 style gadget laden car in the hands of a villain.

Zao takes control of the new 400 BHP Jaguar XKR convertible in the film during a chase with Bond's vanquish in Iceland.

Above: The Q-Branch girls show off the side-mounted rockets Zao uses in Iceland (UK Reuters).

Bond's £165,000 Vanquish is the star of the show, which is likely to attract half a million visitors in the two week run.

Bob Dover, CEO of Aston Martin Jaguar said, "It's great to see Bond back in a British car. He's back where he belongs".

Forget Brosnan and Berry, car enthusiasts that visit the NEC have new 007 movie stars to idolise: Vanquish and XKR.

The British International Motor Show opened on Friday 25th October 2002 and runs to Sunday 3rd November at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK (9:30am to 7pm).

Right: The gadget laden Vanquish (Indionapolis, BBC)