MI6 brings you the chance to read extracts from Bond Stars Bond Girls Are Forever souvenir programme - now available to order online

Bond Girls Are Forever Souvenir Programme - Extracts (1)
25th July 2006

MI6 travels back to the making of From Russia With Love on the Pinewood backlot with Gareth Owen and writing partner Brian Burford.

From Russia With Love

Dr. No quickly recouped its costs and was a gigantic success. From Russia With Love was quickly lined up to follow. One of Fleming’s finest Bond novels, it became one of the most realistic of the Bond films. The casting was conspicuously good and the film introduced the first major pre-credit sequence, or ‘teaser’, which was to become a fixture of the series. Shot in the park-like gardens of Pinewood, with the administration building becoming the villainous SPECTRE headquarters, production designer Syd Cain augmented the location with statues and other small touches to create a very atmospheric, nocturnal setting. It was dubbed the ‘renaissance garden’, probably because director Terence Young’s handling of the sequence was inspired by the French film L’Année dernière.

For Bond Stars Bond Girls Are Forever Event at Pinewood on July 2nd, they commisioned a 16 page full colour programme to celebrate the role of Bond's leading ladies. The programme was only available at the event and is sure to become a collectors item highly collectable item, so get your copy now!

The 16 page programme contains:

  • The Pinewood Tour - Take a short tour round the studios
  • Bond Girls Are Forever - An evolution of the Bond girls
  • Maurice Binder - A tribute to the man behind Bond's ingenius opening titles
  • Bond At Pinewood - 6 pages devoted to Bonds residence at the world famous studios
  • A 2 page centre spread of the girls attending the event

The price of each programme is £10.00 including worldwide postage and packaging.

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Above: (Page 4) A Tour of Pinewood Stuidos

The gardens played host to other scenes in the film. When S.P.E.C.T.R.E agent Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) arrives by helicopter to inspect assassin Red Grant (Robert Shaw), the house can clearly be seen in the background. The training camp was also constructed near the house, with the gypsy camp sequences set up on the exterior (paddock tank) lot. The confrontation between Bond and Grant on the Orient Express remains probably the best fight sequence in the entire series. It was filmed at Pinewood and virtually all of it was choreographed by Young. Peter Hunt excelled himself with the fast-paced editing and also suggested the use of a third free camera which added an extra dimension to the footage.

Above: (Pages 12 and 13) A look at Bond's 40 year relationship with Pinewood Studios

To read more about the 40 year history of Bond and Pinewood Order your copy from Bond Stars.

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