MI6 reports from one of the most anticipated events of the year - Bond Girls Are Forever at Pinewood Studios...

Bond Girls Are Forever Event
13th July 2006

This July saw one of the most highly anticipated events in the Bond calendar; Bond Girls Are Forever. The event proved to be a winner early on, with tickets selling out well before the event taking place.

At 9.30am on July 2nd, Pinewood opened its doors to 150 fans and guests who first enjoyed morning coffee in the studio's Club Bar before moving through to the oak paneled ballroom where our special guests chatted, posed for photographs and signed autographs.

The line-up was impressive: Eunice Gayson, Zena Marshall, Kate Gayson, Caroline Munro, Maryam d'Abo, Tania Mallett, Shirley Eaton, Deborah Moore, Pamela Salem, Maud Adams and Britt Ekland. Guests could also view the new Ultimate Edition DVDs exclusively supplied by Sony Home Entertainment. It was not simply the past Bond girls that appeared at the event, several members of the production crew took to the stage later that day to talk about their involvement in the Bond series.

Tania Mallet, Britt Ekland and Maud Adams in Pinewood's gardens

Pinewood is a 'Mecca' to almost all Bond fans with an in-depth knowledge to the series. It would seem that the only thing better than a visit would be to actually visit a set to used in the next film. Special permission had been granted by Eon Productions to visit the paddock tank where a scene was nearing the final stages of construction. The informative tours were led by Dave Worrall and Gareth Owen around the paddock tank and other notable parts of the famous studios. Of course to some Pinewood is about not just bond but movie history. Walking around the gardens where so many notable films are set was an experience not to be missed.

Following a delicious BBQ lunch and mouth-watering desserts, served on the terrace, guests next moved over to Pinewood's luxurious Theatre 7 to settle down for an afternoon's entertainment, all kicked off by a recorded introduction from Roger Moore.

Above: Pinewood Theatre 7 (left) and guests clamour for signings (right)

Two programmes of film clips were followed by on-stage Q&As with the actresses, and a special tribute was then paid to Maurice Binder and his wonderful title sequences. Binder's assistant Pauline Hume, and her colleague Alan Church, shared a few memories of working with Maurice Binder. Who'd have thought some of the most visually striking sequences were achieved with the likes of watering cans, paddling pools and household goods?

Caroline Munro, Maryam d'Abo, Pamela Salem, Britt Ekland and Maud Adams on stage in Pinewood's Theatre 7

The trailer for Casino Royale burst onto the screen, and was followed by June Randall and Golda Offenheim taking to the stage to chat about a few of their experiences, and also to pull the winning raffle tickets out of the hat - prizes included the Ultimate James Bond DVD Collection, Sideshow figures, RC2 cars, Aston Martin Goodies, books, t-shirts and lots more!

An exclusive presentation of Sony Home Entertainment's trade trailer for The Ultimate DVD collection was rounded off by Roger Moore thanking everyone for coming. Not a bad afternoon at the cinema!

Guests then returned to Pinewood's grand ballroom for tea, and more autograph signing, to end the day Wing Commander Ken Wallis captivated everyone with a chat in the garden, about his film exploits and indeed filming with 'Little Nellie'.

Wing Commander Ken Wallis and Little Nellie

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Many thanks to Gareth Owen and BondStars.