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Agent 64

2nd October 2023

A new trailer for Spies Never Die has been released

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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A new game from solo developer Replicant D6 that honours the legacy of classic James Bond titles such as 'GoldenEye 007' (1997), 'Agent Under Fire' (2001), and 'NightFire' (2002), has just dropped a new trailer revealing new game modes. 'Agent 64: Spies Never Die' does not have a release date yet, but the game has come a long way since its first sneak preview and demo last year.

Split-screen Couch Co-op and Deathmatch modes have been added enabling up to 4 players both in PvE and PvP scenarios. You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist now.

Official Blurb
Relive the golden era of gaming with a retro FPS that captures the essence of 90s console shooters. Embark on a thrilling journey of espionage and action, tackling various objectives while battling cutting-edge 64bit-powered enemy AI. Enter a world where bullets and secrets collide!

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