The final James Bond adventure confirmed for the upcoming game '007 Legends' is the 1964 classic "Goldfinger"...

007 Legends Goldfinger Mission

15th September 2012

Activision have kept 007 gamers on the edge of their seat for the reveal of the fifth James Bond adventure to be included in the upcoming "007 Legends", but thanks to an early leak by Microsoft, the wait is over: the 1964 classic film "Goldfinger" joins the announced line-up of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", "Moonraker", "Licence To Kill", "Die Another Day" and "Skyfall".

Above: Bond joins US troops during the Fort Knox raid.

Not only did Microsoft release a screenshot of the "Goldfinger" mission ahead of Monday's official reveal, as well as some initial box art featuring the iconic shot of Shirley Eaton covered in gold paint, but the list of Xbox Accomplishments was also let loose on the internet this weekend, further confirming Sean Connery's third outing as 007 was joining the line-up.

One movie from each Bond actor will feature in the game, although a digital Daniel Craig will be appearing as 007 in all missions. MI6 understands a voice actor has provided most of the lines of dialog for the game rather than Craig himself. The "Skyfall" mission will be released as downloadable content, presumably to allow developer Eurocom time to polish the mission from the new movie.

Right: Early box artwork as released by Microsoft in their Xbox Marketplace preview page for "007 Legends"


Above: Activision released this character render of Auric Goldfinger for Eurocom's previous game "GoldenEye 007 Reloaded", and the model is likely to do double duty for the "007 Legends"

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