An MI6 insider at a recent "Everything or Nothing" demonstration files a special two part report on what to expect this November...

"Everything Or Nothing" Spy Report - Part 2
15th July 2003

In part two of a special spy report, our insider reveals details on the locations and missions you can look forward to in "Everything or Nothing" - due for release in November...


As the Bond games become convincingly more like the movies, Electronic Arts are taking the experience one step further with Everything or Nothing. The missions will stretch across some of the most anticipated locations seen in a Bond game yet, from the French Quarter in New Orleans to the Valley of Kings in Egypt.

In one fast-paced mission, Bond grapples down the side of a building gunning goons, as he dodges flames and explosions that fire out from the windows. The attention to detail is impressive; debris can be seen falling as Bond descends along with realistic fire effects and explosions. For the first time in a Bond game you will be able to interact with the environment, in one example, Bond grabs a fire extinguisher off a wall and smacks a goon with it. Other objects such as chairs, bottles, spanners and weapons can all be used to aid you in missions.

In another mission Bond has to creep into a bar to locate a captured person where the use of stealth tactics comes in useful. Bond’s stealth suit helps him stay camouflaged as he creeps around silently taking out enemies.

The Need For Speed

The racing team are back for their 3rd Bond instalment, creating the fantastic vehicles levels that will appear in Everything or Nothing. Once again the game will feature both `driving` and `rail-shooter` missions.

For the first time Bond will be taking the controls of a helicopter, where you must pursue an enemy through large canyons while dodging obstacles. Bond will also be handling a Triumph motorbike, but of course it won’t be your standard motorbike, as this one is modified with a rocket launcher, side-mounted machine guns and flame-throwers that shoot fire from the sides.


In-game cinematics have been mixed into the action, but instead of standard cut-scenes, an impressive `real-time` feature has been added which allows you to control the key action points. For example, in one driving mission you slide the motorbike under a tanker, at which stage the scene slows down and the angle changes to capture the action in true `Bond style`, while you still have some control and can activate the flame throwers which cause the tanker to explode.

The vehicle action does not stop in Everything or Nothing, as Bond is back in control of a tank, across Red Square in Moscow, much like the exciting St Petersburg tank chase from GoldenEye

Shocking, Positively Shocking

Bond will face a few `boss` enemies, including Jaws, who will be much harder to beat than the average goon. At one stage Bond encounters Jaws in a moving train, resulting in a fight which shows off the new environment interaction. To defeat Jaws, you will need to push him into an electrical circuit, true `Bond style`.

Other new additions include a range of Q gadgetry such as Thermo Glasses which allow Bond to see heat impressions through walls, or a new remote controlled `Spider` which can be used for surveillance or detonated as a bomb.

Everything or Nothing is shaping up to be Electronic Art’s biggest outing yet; stay tuned with MI6 for the latest developments.

Release Dossier

"Everything or Nothing" will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Gameboy Advance.
UK: November 14th
USA: November 18th
Australia: November 17th

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