MI6 has an exclusive look at location concept art from the forthcoming James Bond videogame "From Russia With Love" by EA Games...

FRWL Location Concept Art
15th April 2005

As MI6 reported in March, rather than a straight film-to-game production, EA will be expanding the storyline to include addition characters and locations.

Location, Location, Location
At least four new locations will be added to the adventure: a warehouse in Zurich, a chilly factory complex set in the foothills of mountains near Belgrade, an aerial gun fight around Big Ben in London, and a bike chase through an underground box-car railway.

Concept artwork is created during the early design stages of a game production to help developers visualise the locations, buildings and style of the game. As with movies, concept artwork is a key tool in developing a production style and essential for conveying ideas.

Right: Big Ben will be the scene for an aerial gun fight in the game.



Above: Concept art of a factory complex set in the foothills of mountains near Belgrade.

Left: Development screenshot of James Bond investigating the outside of the snowy location.

Details of why Bond investigates this factory complex are sketchy at the moment, but the location will form the basis of a large additional mission to the original "From Russia With Love" storyline. Stealth will play a large part in the mission with Bond having to infiltrate the complex.

Above: Concept art of the factory complex (left) and a development render of the 3D model (right).

Above: Concept art of Bond on a jetpack in a warehouse fire fight with goons below.

Right: Development screenshot of James Bond and his jetpack firing rockets at goons at the other end of the warehouse.

The warehouse set in Zurich will provide another additional mission to the classic storyline, with players being able to choose between the jetpack and the Aston Martin DB5 to take on goons. Classic 1960's cars will also be housed in the warehouse which contains a metal smelt.

MI6 exclusively revealed in January the next James Bond game from EA will be titled "From Russia With Love" and set around the 1963 film. 007's likeness and voice in the third person perspective game will be none-other than the original Bond - Sir Sean Connery. Development of the game will take place at EA Redwood studios (USA) and will ship in November 2005 on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. An official announcement of the game will be made on April 27th 2005.

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