EA's next Bond game "GoldenEye 2" is attracting top talent from both the gaming and movie industries..

"GoldenEye 2" Attracts Top Talent
10th April 2004

Los Angeles, USA - "GoldenEye 2" has been under `secret` development for over a year at EA's Los Angeles studio, but since the title was officially confirmed by the games giant, details of the talent working on the next digital adventure are being revealed.

Much like the production of EA's last Bond title, "Everything or Nothing", top movie talents are being brought into the gaming fold to further enhance the next generation of games to the kind of quality cinema goers expect of the latest films. Although there won't be any famous voice-over's for the resurrected characters from the Bond series, EA are recruiting some of the "Bond family" production talent.

Ken Adam

"GoldenEye 2" will be plundering the past twenty Bond films for classic locations, and who better to look over the level design of Fort Knox, Crab Key, Piz Gloria, The Whyte House... than the man who designed most of the originals?

Ken Adam, Production Designer on "Dr. No", "Goldfinger", "Thunderball", "You Only Live Twice", "Diamonds Are Forever", "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker", is lending his skills to the game's development.

His association with James Bond dates back to the first film, "Dr. No", where his timeless production design consistently raised the bar for the movies to come, with set designs becoming increasingly elaborate as the budgets grew.

Famous for constructions such as Blofeld's volcano from "You Only Live Twice", his talent for designing 007's world was recognised with an Oscar nomination in 1977 for his work on "The Spy Who Loved Me". With Adam onboard, the level maps are sure to be spectacular.

EA has also secured some top talent from the gaming industry. Designer Dan Orzula, best known for his work on "Halo" (Xbox) and a career that spans back to the "Wing Commander" series, has joined the GE2 design team.

In the graphics department, players can expect even better character models and facial expressions than the last game "Everything or Nothing", as Takayoshi Sato ("Silent Hill") will be resurrecting past characters.

Famous villains brought back for the new game will include Joseph Wiseman's Dr. No and Gert Frobe's Goldfinger.

Joseph Wiseman

Also working on the CG character models will be Rene Morel ("Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within"), while Kym Barrett ("The Matrix") will be creating the style of the characters.

"GoldenEye 2" is slated for a November 2004 release.

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