MI6 visited EA's Los Angeles studios for the "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" community day to get a hands on play test of the latest game set in Bond's world...

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - EA Community Day
26th July 2004

MI6 visited EA's Los Angeles studios for the "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" community day to get a hands on play test of the latest game set in Bond's world.

Voice Talent
Continuing the trend set by previous 007 games, actors form the movie series will be lending their voices to characters in "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent".

Along with regular Judi Dench (M), Christopher Lee will reprise his role as Scaramanga from "The Man With The Golden Gun".Other characters including, Dr. No, Auric Goldfinger, Xenia Onatopp and Pussy Galore are likely to have "soundalikes" providing the voice talent.

Right: Christopher Lee will voice his character Francisco Scaramanga again.


Above: Concept artwork of Dr No's airship targeting you on top of a Hong Kong sky scraper.

White Cats
Blofeld is back! As the storyline for the game involves Goldfinger and Dr. No battling it out for control of the criminal underworld, it's only logical that the grandmaster villain from the Bond series makes some sort of appearance.

Expect an evil came from the white-cat-stroker himself, in the shape of a Donald Pleasence ("You Only Live Twice") lookalike.

"Golden Eye"
Described as your "personal, customisable weapon", the golden eye give you a number of special powers, including: Magnetic Field (which allows you to grab an enemy and throw them in any direction using the right thumbstick), Magnetic Shield (which will deflect any incoming bullet, offering temporary invulnerability) and Biometric Scans (which surface information about your enemy composure and health).

All that glitters isn't gold however, as the technology that Scaramanga provided you is also a tracking device that can be used by your masters to keep you in check. The "heads up display" (HUD) will show you how much of each golden eye power is available, and also indicate which direction you are being attacked from.

The Omen
MI6 revealed why Dr. No is scrapping it out with Goldfinger in this month's Single Player Campaign Preview, but now the wraps are off the mysterious "Omen" weapon. Goldfinger has created an Organic Mass Energy Neutralizer, or O.M.E.N. for short, which will vaporize any carbon based life form that gets in it's way. Auric wisely keeps the weapon on the move to protect it from Dr No. getting his steel hands on it, and it will be your job to see that he doesn't.

MI6 Data Stream

Incoming intelligence.. Now pay attention:

GRA will feature over a dozen weapons, mostly based on the real-world, but a few "fantasy" items will be in your arsenal.

As with the original GoldenEye, there will be no "jump" action. Be prepared to use a lot of ducking and strafing to avoid incoming fire.

Your health will automatically recuperate over time, and can be supplemented by armour pick-ups.

Grenades will play an important part in the game, especially when tossed up into the air and shot mid-flight to create havoc.

As was originally planned (but ultimately scrapped) for "Everything or Nothing", the number of weapons you can carry will be limited to realistic amounts.

The classic "zip line" feature will play a part in GRA level design, where you can slide quickly between platforms on a wire.

Expect to see a Bond style opening title song by a well known artist!

Above: The Golden Gate Bridge featured in "A View To A Kill".

Going Botty
Unlike the original "GoldenEye N64" game, there will be no multiplayer deathmatch bots to hone your skills against. Instead, a skirmish against the E.V.I.L. AI bots in multiplayer maps will be provided ("scrimmage" mode).

As well as the six locations mentioned in this month's MI6 Multiplayer Preview, the Golden Gate bridge from "A View To A Kill" and the pyramids from "The Spy Who Loved Me" will be available as multiplayer maps.

Although all weapons will be unlocked in multiplayer mode, not all maps will be available. Certain locations will be ring-fenced for either two or four-player modes, as well as online-exclusive levels.

  Stay tuned to MI6 for further intel reports on "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent", due out in stores November 2004.

Images copyright EA Games - used with permission.

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