MI6 previews the forthcoming "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" game from EA, focusing on the single player campaign...

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - Single Player Campaign Preview
20th July 2004

Fort Knox, USA - Chaos surrounds you, and the world's most famous "secret" agent, 007, is in trouble. What do you do? Let him fall to his death - that's what. Now unleash your evilness on any goon within sight, rampaging through Goldfinger's target from Operation Grandslam. Only one foe stands before you: he's short, stocky, and wields a familiar looking bowler hat. Oddjob! But before you get to go one-on-one with the Korean, everything ripples and fades out into the MI6 VR simulator room, and it's the end for you as a 00-agent.

After M gives you a stiff talking too, you are kicked out of MI6 for good - too brutal and too evil to be a suave British agent. So who do you turn to?

Above: The single player campaign opens with a VR simulation of a Fort Knox mission which leads to your expulsion from MI6.

Auric Enterprises - Shunned from MI6, you enter the payroll of someone who respects the kind of qualities that caused you trouble as a 00, Auric Goldfinger! Now inside the inner circle, Oddjob is your trusty comrade, along with Pussy Galore who will be flying you to each location when Goldfinger sends you on a mission. But all is not well in the villain universe. Goldfinger has invented a new incredible weapon called "The Omen", and Dr. Julius No wants to get his steel claws on it. Determined to keep his ace card up his sleeve during the SPECTRE power struggle, Goldfinger decides to take a pre-emptive strike on Dr. No - and sends you to do it.

Right: Auric Goldfinger CG artwork

Hoover Dam, USA - The mission: take care of Dr. No and make sure he poses no threat to Goldfinger's supremacy as top Bond villain. But it's never that simple.

Dr. No has seized control of the Hoover Dam as an insurance policy against Goldfinger keeping control of the Omen weapon, and has placed a bomb on the dam to prevent the US forces taking back control of it. So what do you do? Assassinate Dr. No and blow up the dam anyway!

Despite your best efforts, Dr. No survives the face-down and causes you a grievous injury - blinding you in one eye. Nevertheless, the dam explodes as planned and it's 1-1 in the Dr. No vs Goldfinger war.

Pussy Galore comes to your rescue and airlifts you to assistance - but not a hospital. Goldfinger is not the only villain with a love of the precious metal. Francisco Scaramanga also has a taste for the yellow stuff, and along with his technical experience, has engineered a special "golden eye" - and you are the first guinea pig.

Hong Kong - Equipped with the latest in golden engineering, you have a score to settle with Dr. No. The action switches to the Hong Kong skyline where Pussy Galore fly's you across the rooftops, giving you the perfect view to a kill. Dr. No has fitted himself with an impressive building, including huge dragon sculptures, but it doesn't last long with your viciousness and MI6 training.

Hollowed Out Volcano - Any Bond fan will instantly recognise the classic lair from "You Only Live Twice", and Goldfinger has decided to move in. This is where all of your future operations will be based from, and links together the different characters and provides the hooks to the multiplayer missions. It is also the final mission of the eight featured in "Rogue Agent", when the world's worst villains with a very messy turf war decide to go for glory with one final battle.

Above: Dr. No CG artwork

  Stay tuned to MI6 for further intel reports on "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent", due out in stores November 2004.

Images courtesy EA Games.

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