50 years ago this week, shooting wrapped on the first James Bond film after just 58 days of filming...

Bond At 50: Dr. No Wraps

6th April 2012

After just 58 days of filming, principal photography on the first James Bond film, "Dr. No", wrapped on Friday 30th March, 1962.

The cast and crew had been toiling away at Pinewood Studios for over a month, since they returned from location work and left Jamaica on 21st February. Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell joined the cast, both of whom would go on to be series regulars M and Miss Moneypenny respectively. Lee signed up just one day before the scene in M's office that was shot at Pinewood's Stage D, on February 26th, before the set was collapsed and the stage converted for Sean Connery's classic casino introduction. Joseph Wiseman completed all of his scenes as the titular villain at Pinewood during the last five weeks of studio shooting.

When the cameras stopped rolling, a wrap party was held for the cast where Ursula Andress created a memorable impression for those who had not seen her on location in Jamaica. Lois Maxwell recalled, "At the party she danced with all the crew, and she was the first grown woman I have ever known who didn't wear a bra. As she danced, those wonderful breasts were just swaying. I remember thinking how marvelous it must be to be that uninhibited and I wanted to throw my bra off but I didn't have the courage."

Work continued on the film in post production during the summer months before director Terence Young would host a private preview of the movie in late July.

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