MI6 looks back at the Secret Service outposts that have crossed paths with Agent 007 in the 21 movies to date...

MI6 Around the Globe - Foreign Offices
25th July 2007

As Britain’s first line of defense, the Secret Service have eyes and agents all across the globe. MI6 pulls the international resources together to plot a few of the foreign offices that James Bond has run into over his 45 year film history.

Station C – Dr. No
Filmgoers are introduced to the first of several overseas stations in “Dr. No”, when 007 investigates the mysterious disappearance of its Caribbean staff.

Station C is based in the bustling city of Kingston, Jamaica and manned by Commander Strangways and his lovely secretary, Mary Trueblood.

The MI6 officer was investigating the operations of the mysterious Chinaman Dr. No when station was infiltrated by a pack of hired and cut off the air in the midst of a daily report.

Above: James Bond makes builds new alliances with Quarrel and Felix Leiter of the CIA

Station C was regarded as a quiet corner of the world and Strangways took the job as MI6’s foreign agent, on the hope of retiring peacefully in the sun. Station C worked frequently with Cayman Islander Quarrel who proves a very capable ally for 007’s mission to Jamaica.

NB: The Jamaican outpost is referred to as Station C by Fleming, but this letter-based title is never mentioned in the film despite the importance to the Dr. No plot.

Above: Bond and Kerim assassinate a Russian spy in Istanbul

Station T – From Russia With Love
MI6’s eyes and ears in Turkey is Kerim Bey. Head of the MI6 section, Kerim is an unconventional spy – but a brilliant and resourceful operative none the less. On the “From Russia With Love” mission the tension between the Eastern and Western powers is more than evident and you can never tell who to trust. Kerim employs his many sons to run the section – the best security is blood, he tells Bond.

On 007's arrival in the hub of Station T in Istanbul, Kerim must call in a few favours to assist Bond's investigations and locate the Russian cipher clerk Bond is supposed to be meeting. Station T is on regular business terms with a local pack of gypsies who give the spies food and shelter when on their mission. Kerim sadly meets his demise at the hands of SPECTRE assassin Red Grant on the Orient Express.

Station Y – From Russia With Love
Onboard the Orient Express bound for safety, 007 makes contact with Station Y in Yugoslavia. The rendezvous point is the train station at Zagreb, but the over-enthusiastic Captain Nash is brutally murdered in the train station bathroom and the villainous Red Grant takes his place.

Station C – Thunderball
During the crisis in the Thunderball case, 00-Agents from across the globe assemble in the MI6 conference room. After the briefing, M, assigns each of his top agents to a global area.

Bond is originally assigned to Station C, in Canada, but protests at M’s choice, insisting on following up on several leads pointing to the Bahamas.

His gambit pays off and with the help of the MI6 team in Nassau – the lovely and resourceful Paula Caplin and later gadget-man Q – Bond tracks the missing nuclear weapons and the criminal mastermind who is holding them.

Right: Paula Caplin, MI6's "man-in-Nassu", proves a competent ally who meets a tragic fate when she swallows a cyanide pill rather risk talking during interrogation by Largo.


Station VH – Moonraker
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is home to section VH. Representing the station on Bond’s mission to Rio is Manuela. The lovely girl proves a capable guide to the cities sights - and more specifically, the Drax Corporation. With the help of the Rio outpost, Bond breaks into the villainous Drax’s operation, in the hope of finding exactly what he’s exporting from his Venetian lab. Rio is a sunny spot and a generally quiet part of the world – but with 007, trouble is always just around the corner.

Above: 007 watches on as Q has 'problems keeping it up' in Station I

Station I – Octopussy
Tucked away in a small corner of the bustling Udaipur market, Station I in India is headed up by the friendly and helpful Sadruddin. His second in command is a young field agent, Vijay – with a passion for tennis and fast driving. Thanks to Q-branch, The Indian outpost is well equipped with the latest gadgets and weapons.

On the Octopussy mission, 007 is aided by Vijay and his modified Tuk-Tuk taxi - capable of high-speed escape and traveling at times on just two wheels. The whole team at Station I prove a useful ally for James Bond's mission to India. Vijay is killed whilst on lookout duty for Bond’s visit to the Octopussy palace. Vijay was murdered by hired assassins, meant for Bond.

Station V – The Living Daylights
Manned by the capable yet “by-the-book”Agent Saunders, Station V in Vienna, Austria proves another haven for 007 whilst on "The Living Daylights" mission.

007 is tasked to assassinate a KGB sniper, but breaks M’s orders and does not shoot to kill. From here a rivalry with Saunders is developed, and while he still does Bond’s bidding, Saunders battles with 007’s unorthodox way of working.

While Saunders deals to the pleasantries of Opera tickets and ball gowns for 007, he also gets more than he bargained for when he makes a rendezvous at a cafe... Saunders proves more than an adequate ally and even warms towards 007 before meeting his sticky end.

Although 45 years of 007’s missions take him to many other locations and foreign offices, their exact locations and stations titles remain unspecified and their personnel left unrecorded or highly classified. Only those which are clearly identified have been included in this article.

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