Look back at how the tabloid press reported on the pre-production of "Licence To Kill" back in 1988...

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24th April 2011

Key West tourists extras in 007 film - July 19th, 1988
The name Bond - James Bond - drew hundreds of Key West residents and tourists eager for small parts in Agent 007's newest flick starring Timothy Dalton, which beings filming next month in the Keys. "This is out big chance to be stars," said Denise Krajniak, a 35-year old tourist from Detroit. She and her son, Eugene, 18, spent hours in a Key West hotel on Monday waiting for 30-second interviews with the casting director of "License Revoked."


Kiss star too busy for Bond film - August 12th, 1988
Rock musician Gene Simmons of the heavy metal band Kiss says he is too busy getting the group ready fore the road to play a villain in the new James Bond movie "License Revoked."

Simmons, a founding member of the glitter-rock band once known for its alter-ego makeup, begged out of a job offer from film producer Cubby Broccoli.

The bass player cited concert commitments to the European version of the International Monsters of Rock Tour, said publicist David Brokaw. The Bond film, featuring Timothy Dalton in his second appearance as the elusive agent 007, beings shooting in Mexico in September, Brokaw said.

Governor Martinez plays new role, gets part in Bond film - August 21st, 1988
Florida Governor Bob Martinez may have hoped for a license to kill, but instead got only a ticket to ride in his upcoming cameo role in the new James Bond film "License Revoked." The first-term Republican governor, who attracted little network television attention last week during his introductory speech at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, has been cast for a 30-second part as an airline ticket-buying tourist. He landed the role Aug. 5 after visiting the set at Key West, the southernmost city in the contiguous United States. Martinez himself suggested a screen role when Department of Commerce officials met with the movie's producers, but was turned down initially. "The governor just asked again and they said yes," said Paul Wallace, assistant secretary of commerce. While filming this month, the crew will use some 800 extras and stand-ins in roles ranging from a double for star Timothy Dalton to wedding guests, soldiers, CIA agents, scuba divers and choir boys. The bit players will receive $60 per day.

New Bond Girl - September 1st, 1988
Sandy Sentell, a 24-year-old dance teacher from Knoxville, TN, is the winner of "The James Bond Girl" contest sponsored by cable television's VH-1. She was chosen from more than 20,000 applicants. She will appear with Timothy Dalton in the 16th James Bond film, "License Revoked" due out next spring.

Timothy Dalton hurts wrist in Bond scene - November 13th, 1988
Actor Timothy Dalton suffered a slight wrist injury while filming a scene for the next James Bond film, "License Revoked." In the scene, Bond, played by Dalton, had just been exposed as amole in drug lord's cocaine laboratory and was supposed to dangle from the end of a conveyer, his feet inches from a grinding machine. But during Thursday's shooting, Dalton's watch caught on the metal hook as he flipped off the end of the conveyor, causing a slight cut. Dalton completed the scene after a doctor patched the injury on set.


New Nemesis for Bond - July 15th, 1988
To the roster that includes Dr. No, Rosa Klebb, Auric Goldfinger and Ernst Stavro Blofeld may now be added a new name: Franz Sanchez. He's the villain James Bond will be facing in ''License Revoked,'' the new 007 adventure just going before the cameras on a 20-to-26-week shoot that will take cast and crew to such sites as Mexico City, Acapulco and Durango, Mexico, and to Key West, Fla.

''To me,'' said Robert Davi, who will play the role, ''Sanchez is the most powerful adversary that Bond has faced to date, and he causes James for the first time in the history of these films to compromise himself.''

Fans may have to wait until next summer to find out exactly how the indestructible British agent - once again portrayed by Timothy Dalton - may be compromised, but Mr. Davi is ready to contribute to the dossier on Franz Sanchez. ''Power can be gotten in many ways,'' the actor said. ''Power through money. Power over life or death. Sexual power. I think this character combines all three of those aspects of power.''

According to Mr. Davi, Sanchez is a Latin American of German-Latin descent (with perhaps a soupcon of Nazi in his blood) who may have derived his money from the cocaine cartel in Medellin, Colombia. ''He's still involved,'' Mr. Davi said, ''but now he wants to create an empire that spans the ocean.''

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