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Best Bond Film Results

3rd October 2012

MI6 readers voted in their thousands in the biggest independent James Bond fan survey ever. Now discover which film came out on top...

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It began late last year when MI6 launched a poll to find the most and least loved James Bond films from the 22 outings in the EON Productions series to date. It quickly became the biggest independent Bond fan survey ever, taken at a time when votes would be unlikely to be swayed by the hype of a new movie, not hitched to a product or company, and available worldwide. The format was simple: tick the five 007 films you like the most, and the five you like the least. No complicated forms, surveys, ranking systems, essays or tie-breaker questions. Just a list of 22 films with check boxes opened up to the audience of the world's most visited independent Bond website. With over 15,000 votes tabulated from true Bond fans, MI6 can now reveal the results. Raw. Unfiltered. Unbiased.

#5 GoldenEye

#4 On Her Majesty's
Secret Service

Speaking about the results, MI6 Confidential magazine editor Hugh Maddocks said, "The result may surprise some people, but the sheer sample size of the vote means this cannot be explained away as an anomaly or rounding error. When you consider how the demographic of Bond fans has shifted over the years, it's time for a reassessment of how the series stacks up."

#3 From Russia With Love

#2 Goldfinger

On the subject of the number one choice, Maddocks said, "Few would have guessed back in early 2006 that the reboot with Daniel Craig would be so phenomenally successful. But don't overlook that Sean Connery is up there twice in the top three, and a strong film with 'cult status' is at number four, all from the 1960s. If 'Skyfall' can get close to this group of quality films then we're in for a very special 50th anniversary."

#1 Casino Royale

The table below lists the results of the 'most favoured' James Bond films by the fans. "Casino Royale" scored the highest percentage of fans who included it in their top five favourite films from the series, and conversely, "Moonraker" scored the lowest percentage of fans who ticked it as one of their five most liked.

Rank Film Actor Score
1 Casino Royale Daniel Craig 75%
2 Goldfinger Sean Connery 54%
3 From Russia With Love Sean Connery 53%
4 On Her Majesty's Secret Service George Lazenby 46%
5 GoldenEye Pierce Brosnan 37%
6 The Spy Who Loved Me Roger Moore 33%
7 Thunderball Sean Connery 29%
8 The Living Daylights Timothy Dalton 26%
9 Dr. No Sean Connery 19%
10 For Your Eyes Only Roger Moore 17%
11 Live And Let Die Roger Moore 15%
12 Licence To Kill Timothy Dalton 13%
13 Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan 12%
14 You Only Live Twice Sean Connery 12%
15 Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig 11%
16 The World Is Not Enough Pierce Brosnan 11%
17 Octopussy Roger Moore 9%
18 The Man With The Golden Gun Roger Moore 7%
19 Diamonds Are Forever Sean Connery 7%
20 Die Another Day Pierce Brosnan 6%
21 A View To A Kill Roger Moore 5%
22 Moonraker Roger Moore 5%

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MI6 will have more analysis of the results later this week as we head towards global James Bond day on October 5th, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first outing, "Dr. No".

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