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Black Magic

25th April 2014

Read an extract from the MI6 Confidential roundtable interview with the cast and creatives behind the fantastic spy-spoof, 'Archer'

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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MI6 Confidential - the James Bond magazine - is back this month with its 25th issue, focusing in on action and animation. As part of a celebration of the animated spy-fi genre, the issue boasts an exclusive roundtable interview with the cast and creators of successful FX spy-spoof series, "Archer".

In the interview, discussion inevitably turns to how the shake up in season five has come about, and how it has affected their characters, now that ISIS is disbanded and the gang turn to drug pushing and arms dealing in the newly rebranded "Archer Vice". Asked about this major shift, writer/producer and creator Adam Reed responded, "Just an attempt to keep the show fresh. Kind of like when people spice up their marriage... by forming a drug cartel." Setting our minds at ease about such a radical mix up producer and art director, Neal Holman told MI6 Confidential: "We know its cadence and tone, so if something appears off, we are pretty quick to spot it." And the cast are positive about the change as well: "I think the core of the show is the relationship between the characters and their twisted yet strangely loving dynamic," remarks Aisha Tyler, who voices agent Lana Kane. "So whatever situation they are in, that is what fans are responding to."

"If you Google black turtleneck, it’s pretty much Archer, Steve Jobs and some clarinet player." - H. John Benjamin

The team reveal their thinking behind the move to transform Cheryl into country music sensation Cherlene, and then release a full-blown studio album to accompany the season. "Adam has known [musician] Kevn Kinney for a many years and with him in Atlanta as well, it all just seemed to fit," explained Holman. "A quick lunch with Kevn and his manager and we were off and running."

The voice artist behind the infamous agent Sterling Malory Archer, H. John Benjamin, reminds us that he and his alter ego are not all alike, adding that a meeting between Archer and iconic James Bond star Sean Connery "would probably end in a fight". Adds the actor dryly: "If you Google black turtleneck, it’s pretty much Archer, Steve Jobs and some clarinet player." Also in the interview, Lucky Yates, who co-stars as Dr. Krieger, shares some of his favourite of the character’s wacky inventions, and Jessica Walter reveals the fantastic story behind her casting as Archer’s domineering mother, Malory Archer.


You can read the complete, in-depth interview with the Archer cast and crew in the latest MI6 Confidential magazine. Issue #25 is now www.mi6confidential.com.

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