Halle Berry has spoken about the Jinx movie and confirms the first draft script is complete...

Jinx Movie Update - Berry Talks About The Script
21st July 2003

A couple of months have passed since the last news on the "Jinx" spin-off movie, but life has been sparked into the project again with news from Halle Berry and the script.

E! Entertainment first rumoured the script to be complete on 7th May 2003. A week later Bond co-producer Michael G. Wilson went on the record by saying "MGM and ourselves and Halle thought it might be a good idea to make a Jinx film, so we`re just kicking around some ideas with the writers, to see if we can do something with that".

Berry Talks About The Script

Now thanks to an interview Garth Franklin from movie news site DarkHorizons completed with Halle Berry at the annual San Diego Comic Convention, there is official confirmation that a script exists and production is moving forwards.

When questioned about whether she was hopeful of a Jinx movie she said, "I'm hoping, we just got the script last night, the first script and I hear its really really good."

The script is rumoured to have been written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade - the duo who also wrote "The World Is Not Enough", "Die Another Day" and Bond spoof "Johnny English".



No Female Bond

"I've been talking to the writers about it and they had a great idea about who she is, and where she comes from" added Berry.

"I think it won't be like Bond, its not supposed to be a female Bond, but it is very edgy and I think we'll have some elements of humour that Bond has because Jinx has that in the Bond movie but it won't be like Bond".

Berry already has "Catwoman" lined up for filming and "The Guide" announced, indicating that the Jinx film could be ready for release around summer 2005.

Jinx Dossier

Production Company: Eon Productions
Producers: Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Writers: Neal Purvis & Robert Wade (Yahoo Movies)
Likely Cast: Halle Berry (Giacinta Johnson), Michael Madsen (Damian Falco, NSA Chief)
Estimated Budget: $60 - $90m
Script State: First draft completed (May 2003), issued to Halle Berry (July 2003)
Release Date: Summer 2005 (Yahoo Movies)

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