George Lazenby has criticized the style of the latest James Bond movies in a new interview...

A Robot Killer

12th August 2012

One-time James Bond actor George Lazenby gave a rare interview to Entertainment Weekly this month as part of their 50th anniversary of 007 special feature, and the "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" star came out swinging against his treatment and the direction of the franchise today. It is not stated in the interview if Lazenby has seen either of Daniel Craig's first two movies, but based on his comments, many have speculated that they are based more on "Quantum of Solace" than "Casino Royale".

Above: George Lazenby at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party earlier in 2012.


Asked why it was that audiences are reconnecting with his Bond outing, over 40 years later, Lazenby said: "Because of me! No, it's not me. It's the only film that treats him like a human being. He's not a robot killer like the latest Bond."

"They offered me millions under the table to do another one, but I thought James Bond was over. Easy Rider was the No. 1 movie. Everyone was smoking marijuana, and that was the furthest thing from a James Bond movie. So I didn't sign the contract. I was badly treated after that. They told the press that I was difficult to handle, so it was hard to find work."

He was very honest about his regrets about turning that offer down and walking away, especially as his finances were tight in years shortly after.

"Yeah, I regretted it many times. Especially when I had a baby and another one in the pouch, and I was broke. I was living with my mother in Australia."

"I've done everything I ever wanted to do. There's no challenges besides writing my memoir, which I'm avoiding like the plague."

Back on the subject of the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, he had kinds words for the actor but pointed criticism at the style that the modern movies have taken: "He's a fantastic actor, but they're more violent, aren't they? It's the way our society has gone. You can't have someone who's got feelings now. Bond has to be able to someone now and kiss the girl three minutes later. When I did it, it had more heart. There's no heart to the new Bond."

Last time Lazenby was seen at a major official Bond event was the Royal premiere of the 40th anniversary film "Die Another Day" in 2002. Will he be back this October?

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