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Project One Postcards

26th May 2015

Ahead of the title reveal, Ian Fleming Publications have been teasing the new James Bond book with retro postcards

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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To tease the title announcement of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming James Bond continuation novel on May 28th, Ian Fleming Publications have been sending out retro postcards featuring some of the elements of the upcoming book.

The three postcards MI6 received included Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Nürburgring in Germany (where one of the chapters is based on an original but unpublished Ian Fleming short story 'Murder on Wheels') and New York City.

Regular readers of MI6 may find this concept familiar, as we published a series of retro 'Postcards From Bond' based on the original Ian Fleming novels back in 2009 and 2010. As Moneypenny once said, "Flattery will get you nowhere. But don't stop trying."

James Bond - Project One teaser postcard.
'... the telephone rang ... it was M's Chief of Staff. "Can you come up?" he asked. "M wants a word." And that was it. Eight words that might mean anything. Bond sucked once more on his cigarette, then ground it out and went to meet his fate.'
James Bond - Project One teaser postcard.
"I seem to recall you used to be interested in motor racing. Done any lately?" Bond was taken unaware but he was careful not to show it. When M asked you a question, he expected an answer, not another question. "Nothing serious, Sir," he said. "But I like to keep an eye on the form."
James Bond - Project One teaser postcard.
'It was almost a straight line from the northern edge of Brooklyn to the Empire State Building. The bullet had been fired. Nothing could stand in its way.'

The new book by Horowitz - a lifelong fan of Ian Fleming - will be set in the 1950s and will be unique among the modern James Bond novels, in that a section will contain previously unseen material written by Fleming to which Horowitz has had exclusive access.

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