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Listen: The Living Daylights

26th December 2013

Listen to BBC Radio 4's recording of Ian Fleming's 007 short story The Living Daylights read by Dan Stevens

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Back on October 24th, 2011, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a special 27-minute reading of Ian Fleming's James Bond short story 'The Living Daylights' read by English actor Dan Stevens. The broadcaster recently repeated the recording as part of BBC Radio 4 Extra's 'The Spying Game' series.

Bond is sent to Berlin to shoot a sniper trying to kill a double agent coming to the West. On the third of the three possible nights, the agent comes, but 007 sees that the sniper is a beautiful Russian celloist whom he had his eyes on. At the last minute, he shoots her gun instead of her head, to the berating of the vexing local agent. Bond is satisfied to have 'scared the living daylighs' out of her. The double-agent made it safely.

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