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Young Bond: Blood Fever - Characters
11th April 2007

James Bond
The character we all know and love embarks upon an adventure that to most would be a terrifying one-off. Whilst on a school trip to Sardinia he is pushed to his limits. Only bravery skill and determination will keep him one step ahead of the opposition and even then it’s more of a shuffle. Though still a schoolboy, it is obvious to see that this individual shows potential.

Above: The young James Bond and Amy Goodenough

Amy Goodenough
Amy is a tough and determined individual that has all the necessary requirements for a Bond girl. She is almost James’ equal however is still little emotionally needy after her father was killed aboard their yacht by Zoltan’s henchmen. It’s a strange relationship that is shared between herself and the murderous pirate, however at times he is her best chance of survival. Though throughout it is obvious that she intends to take revenge for her Fathers death it seems that no one will ever find out how the pirate meets his demise.

Count Ugo Carnifex
Carnifex is a criminal mastermind who, like Victor, has a taste for the finer things in life. The Count has plans to rebuild an empire on par with that of the Romans and has a mountain fortress where he is hatching his plans.

His love of art has brought him to rely on smugglers and thieves to acquire it for him from all over the world. Carnifex has a hatred of dirt stemming from an unfortunate situation during the war. Almost equal to this is the Magyar’s opinion of his boss which for sometime has been diminishing.

Above: US hardback cover artwork
Young Bond - Book 2: Blood Fever

Zoltan is one of the henchmen to Count Carnifex and as such has to serve by acquiring rare art by force from around the world. Like almost all henchmen in the Bond world, Zoltan's aspirations are nothing compared to those of his master. A smuggler by trade the Magyar will stop at nothing to get what he and his master want. However this is about to change.

Vendetta is from a small town family of bandits. She is rugged yet caring and emotionally needy, the perfect recipe for a love of the young Bond. She has no problems with taking life, indeed she's no stranger to violence and death, her father was killed when she was thirteen by a rival bandit family. Her emotional clinginess grows on her after she nurses Bond back to health over the period of several weeks.

Above: Vendetta and Count Ugo Carnifex

Victor is James' older cousin, who lives on Sardinia with his lover Poliponi. He enjoys the relaxing life that the island allows him to maintain and appreciates the peace and tranquility that it has to offer. But Victor cannot remain anonymous and unhindered forever, his home houses a collection of fine art that is ripe for the picking by Count Carnifex's henchmen. Victor is not the only one on the Island who likes the finer things in life

Smiler is the Count’s head henchman and assassin. He has gotten the name Smiler because of the scars that he bears on his cheeks, which he received for betraying his last gang. This is one very tough individual from Glasgow who is not afraid to get his hands dirty for the cause.

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