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04/11/05 - Update: US pre-order & release date
13/11/05 - Update: US hardback cover art revealed

Blood Fever Preview
12th October 2005 / 4th November 2005 / 13th November 2005

You caught the bug with SilverFin. Now feel the FEVER...

SilverFin, Charlie Higson’s first Young Bond novel published in January 2005, was one of the most talked about children’s books of the year, described by the Independent as ‘one of the publishing sensations of 2005’. In just 9 months the book has sold over 150,000 copies in the UK and is to being published in 17 other territories. Charlie Higson introduced a teenage James Bond to a whole new generation of readers and his second book Blood Fever, published in January 2006 (UK), has the all the deadly ingredients of an equally exciting bestseller.

Blood Fever takes the young James Bond into even more dangerous territory than he encountered in the Scottish Highlands in SilverFin. Back at Eton, he discovers a secret, sinister Latin-speaking society with a mysterious link to the school. When he joins the school archaeology trip during the summer holidays on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, he discovers a lot more about the disturbing cult. Along the way he encounters fearless pirates and blood thirsty art thieves, makes friends with bandits and is nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes…

With a colourful line-up of characters - including a young, hot-blooded Sardinian girl - a giddy, heat-infused setting, steeped in historical mystery, and an utterly gripping and action-packed story, the second Young Bond book promises to become, once again, the most talked-about children’s book of the year.

Charlie Higson says, “I was shaken and stirred by the amazing success of Silverfin. No, I've got to stop doing that. My life is slowly being taken over by James Bond and I have to keep reminding myself that I am not a top class secret agent. I am just a writer. However, while working on the second book in the series, Blood Fever, I did get the chance to live the Bond lifestyle a little. The book takes place mainly in Sardinia, so I had to go out there to research it. Climbing the Supramonte Mountains in bandit country was thrilling and romantic and I hope some of this comes across in the book. It’s a wild adventure with bandits, pirates, a battle in a cave, several large explosions and a super-villain with a morbid fear of dirt having once spent the night hiding out in a septic tank. Yes. Bond is back! And I’m happy to be along for the ride again.”


Above: UK paperback cover art*

Above: US hardback cover art*

UK Release Data
Pre-Order Now! (Amazon UK)

Publisher: Puffin Books
Released: 5th January 2006

USA Release Data
Pre-Order Now! (Amazon USA)

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Released: May 2006

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*Cover art is not final and may change prior to publication

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