MI6 previews the new autobiography by Shane Rimmer - star of three James Bond films and one of the most recognisable voices in film and TV...

Shane Rimmer Autobiography - Book Preview

31st October 2010

Shane Rimmer - My Autobiography: From Thunderbirds To Pterodactyls

Shane Rimmer's voice is familiar to millions from his role as Scott Tracy, the pilot of Thunderbird 1, but there are many other facets to his remarkable career.

In From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls Shane recalls the years he spent as an actor, voice artist and writer for Gerry Anderson's classic productions, as well as appearances in other memorable shows such as Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Lipstick On Your Collar.

Equally at home in Star Wars or Out of Africa, Shane's talents as a character actor have been called upon by some of the film industry's leading directors, from Stanley Kubrick in Dr Strangelove to Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins.

Between the two he appeared in three James Bond movies and had a close encounter with a low-flying dinosaur in The People That Time Forgot.

This wry and refreshingly frank autobiography sheds new light on some of the best-loved films and television ever made.


Above: UK hardback jacket design
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Shane Rimmer has starred in three James Bond films - first opposite Sean Connery as a radar operator in "You Only Live Twice", and Tom in "Diamonds Are Forever", and lastly with Roger Moore as Captain Carter in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (a photo of this role is central on the book jacket).

Publisher: Signum Books (UK)
Pages: 224, approx 50 illustrations
Format: Hardback
RRP: £17.99
ISBN: 978-0-9566534-0-6
Released: 25th October 2010 (UK)
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