The title of the third Young James Bond novel by author Charlie Higson will be decided by - you! Voting is now open...

Voting For Young Bond Book 3 Title
3rd September 2006

In an unprecedented nationwide ballot, Britain is to decide the title of the third book in the super-selling Young Bond series, written by Charlie Higson and due to be published by Puffin Books on 4th January 2007.

Voting for the nation’s preferred title starts today, Tuesday 3rd October, at 9am and closes at midnight on the 3rd November. To cast your vote, and become part of James Bond history, visit There are three possible titles, chosen by the author, Charlie Higson:

Double or Die
The Deadlock Cipher

To help you decide, there is an exclusive extract from Young Bond 3 on the Young Bond website and a note from Charlie Higson about the three titles he has picked. The title will be kept a closely guarded secret until publication and revealed at an as yet undisclosed, central London location on the 3rd January 2007.

The Young Bond series follows the daredevil adventures of James Bond as an Eton school boy in the 1930s. The third instalment in a planned series of five titles, written by Charlie Higson, sees the young James Bond pitted against the dangerous criminal underworld of interwar London, a world of illegal gambling dens, Cambridge spies and East End gangs. Here you’ll read about the experiences which turned the boy into the steely and ruthless secret agent that Bond becomes as an adult.

The first books in the Young Bond series, SilverFin (published in March 2005) and Blood Fever (published in January 2006) enjoyed tremendous success. SilverFin sold over 190,000 copies and spent ten weeks in the top-ten and Blood Fever went straight to number one in the bestsellers chart.

Above: James Bond in SilverFin

All voters have a chance to win one of a limited number of tickets to the central London event and discover, before anyone else, the title of Young Bond 3.


You can also cast your vote by text:

DOUBLE OR DIE text DOUBLE to 60022
N.E.M.E.S.I.S text ENEMY to 60022

Texts cost your normal rate. For full terms and conditions see

The third book in the Young James Bond series by author Charlie Higson is now available to pre-order. Young Bond Book 3 will be published on January 4th 2007 Puffin Books in the UK as a paperback and audiobook. The third adventure will weigh in at 352 pages. You can pre-order now:
Pre-Order Young Bond Book 3 - Paperback (Amazon UK)
Pre-Order Young Bond Book 3 - Audiobook (Amazon UK)

Official Synopsis
With kidnap, violence, explosions, and murder, it was no ordinary weekend. But then, James Bond is no ordinary boy...In a North London cemetery, a professor is kidnapped at gunpoint. A suspicious letter crammed with cryptic clues arrives at Eton. To decipher the deadly mystery, James Bond must take a series of dangerous gambles. Once the code is cracked, he has just 48 hours to save the professor from the dark forces that threaten to destroy them both. And if the professor can't escape, it's not only his future under threat. It's the rest of the world's...


The third book will take place predominantly in 1930s London and feature one of the world's first computers as a central plot device.

Higson's formula for the series so far has been to follow the pattern laid out by Ian Fleming, so this third novel will be based around the structure of "Moonraker".

Higson said of his third Young Bond adventure, "There's lots of action, several nasty deaths, a car chase, a couple of explosions, a set of evil villains, a beautiful girl, and a climax in the old London docklands (when is was still full of ships)".

Stay tuned to MI6 for the latest news on Young Bond developments.

Left: Author Charlie Higson

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