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The Controller Speaks

3rd October 2023

Brian Cox talks about his role in 007s' Road To A Million

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Actor Brian Cox has enjoyed a rise in his star-o-meter in recent years with his role as Logan Roy in the hit HBO production 'Succession,' and the producers behind the new reality/travel/gameshow '007's Road To A Million' were lucky to land such a big name to front the streaming show. Cox talked to GQ magazine this month about his career and taking on the gameshow host role in the first TV spin-off for James Bond.

'Road To A Million' features contestants racing around the world through iconic Bond locations to compete for £1 million. Cox plays The Controller, the gameshow’s villain, tasked with frustrating the contestants’ efforts.

When asked why he took on such a gig, Cox said: "I liked the idea of it. And also my involvement was not huge. It was a no-brainer, really. [Actors] get precious about ‘Oh, I can't do that.’ I don't buy into any kind of, “I'm special” thing. I've never bought into that notion. That way lies a dusty death, quite frankly."

It was also a chance for Cox to finally work in the franchise. He explained: "I've been ignored over the years as far as James Bond is concerned. One of the kind of cockeyed reasons I did [007: Road to a Million] was I thought, well: really? If you were ever looking for somebody to play a Bond villain [it would be me]… so this is sort of my way of getting back at them."

'007's Road To A Million' launches on Amazon Prime in November.

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