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007nside SPECTRE Theme

8th July 2016

Check out this alternative title song to SPECTRE released by Lara George and Graeme Ventris

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Sam Smith performed the official title track to the 24th James Bond film 'SPECTRE', but since then, a few alternatives have been released including the demo track by Radiohead on Christmas Day.

Written and released before 'SPECTRE' opened in cinemas with lyrics and music by Graeme Ventris, and performed by vocalist Lara George, the song '007nside' asks questions of a man who is a double-0.

You move in the black of night
The pale moonlight is where you play your game
I think of your cold embrace
I see your face as I'm calling out your name

You know when to take the shot
When it's better not to ask for reasons why
No time to stand and grieve
When you believe there's no better day to die

I'll only see what you want me to see
'Cos you keep it all inside
I'll always be who you want me to be
'Cos you're a double-0 inside
How do you catch a double-0?
How do you match a double-0?
How do I get into your heart?
Where would I start?
I wanna know...
How do I get into your mind?
What's left behind... for me to find?
How do you move on when love's died?
Where do you hide?
When you're a double-0 inside

Double-0 inside

You move in the shadows when
They're closing in
You take them by surprise
No hesitation when
Wiser men would turn and close their eyes


I want to live inside your heart
I want to move inside your mind
I want to breathe when we're apart
And keep you safe from being assigned

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