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James Bond & Friends - Episode 0070

25th November 2020

Were the 1980s a golden era for independent women in the Bond film series?

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Were the 1980s a golden era for independent women in the Bond film series?

For this episode, we reflect on the Bond Women of the 1980s, who were far from the gun-arm hanging damsels in distress the series had been criticized for in earlier decades. From the crossbow-wielding Melina set out on a mission of revenge, and ending with Pam’s strong-willed CIA pilot, we pick over the characters of the '80s, choose our favourites and shine a spotlight on some of the less-celebrated individuals. We also take a detour to chat about how the '80s saw a shift in the balance of power on Bond posters.

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The recording took place on November 25th, 2020 in the USA.

James Page is a co-founder of MI6-HQ.com and the magazine MI6 Confidential

Dr. Lisa Funnell (@DrLisaFunnell) is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma. 

Phil Nobile Jr shares his expertise at @PhilNobileJr

Mark O'Connell's home base is markoconnell.co.uk 

Sean Longmore shares his artwork @ThatTallGinger 

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