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Moonraker Radio Play

28th March 2018

Listen online to the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Moonraker with Toby Stephens as James Bond

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Toby Stephens returns to play James Bond once again for BBC Radio 4's latest adaptation of the classic Ian Fleming adventure 'Moonraker.'

Martin Jarvis directs this surprisingly up-to-date, all-star guided missile drama.

It's 1954 and British patriot Sir Hugo Drax (Samuel West) has built an atomic rocket, Moonraker, vital to Britain's defences. It's ready for a trial launch. But after a double-murder, James Bond (Toby Stephens) goes undercover at Moonraker's secret base. He and agent Gala Brand (Katherine Kingsley) discover possible treachery. Can they prevent a catastrophe?

BBC Radio 4 James Bond  Moonraker

Archie Scottney's compelling dramatization of Ian Fleming's novel is Jarvis and Ayres' seventh Bond on Radio 4. Janie Dee, John Standing and Julian Sands return as Moneypenny, M and Q. Jared Harris is Head of Special Branch, Patricia Hodge a hearty missile expert, Ian Ogilvy a BBC man, and Nigel Anthony is a Peter Lorre-inspired Krebs.

'Moonraker' will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 31st March 2018 at 14:30 GMT.

Click here to listen online after the broadcast.

James Bond Toby Stephens
Sir Hugo Drax Samuel West
Sir Winston Churchill John Baddeley
Moneypenny Janie Dee
'M' John Standing
'Q' Julian Sands
Vallance Jared Harris
Prof Train Patricia Hodge
Gala Katherine Kingsley
Basildon Nigel Anthony
Krebs Nigel Anthony
Meyer Simon de Deney
Dr Walter Simon de Deney
Trimble Simon de Deney
Movietone Jon Glover
Minister Jon Glover
Broadcaster Ian Ogilvy
Brevett Matthew Wolf
Countdown Darren Richardson
Captain Kenneth Danziger
Ian Fleming Martin Jarvis
Author Ian Fleming
Adaptor Archie Scottney
Director Martin Jarvis
Producer Rosalind Ayres

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