Bond Commercials - Agent Under Fire

6th July 2016

In this rarely seen TV commercial from 2001, John Cleese reprises his role as 'R' to promote the new 007 videogame

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EA's first attempt at a James Bond videogame with an original storyline was 2001's 'Agent Under Fire', and although slightly eclipsed by its follow-up 'NightFire', the title still holds up today as one fo the better games.

In this rarely seen 30 second TV commercial, John Cleese reprises his role from 'The World Is Not Enough' to berate 007 for damaging his equipment. Cleese had played 'R' in the games 'The World Is Not Enough' and '007 Racing' and was to appear again in 'Agent Under Fire,' but was removed from the title late in development due to "copyright reasons." He was replaced in the game by actor Miles Anderson who had provided the sound-a-like voice for Desmond Llewelyn in previous videogame titles for EA.

John Cleese as 'R' in the 'Agent Under Fire' TV spot.

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