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Bond Commercials - Tomorrow Never Dies

9th August 2016

Desmond Llewelyn reprises his role as Q to advertise a version of the 007 videogame that was never released

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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In one of his final appearances as 'Q' before his last film 'The World Is Not Enough', Desmond Llewelyn starred in this 1998 promotional video for the new EA videogame 'Tomorrow Never Dies' on PlayStation and Windows 95.

Originally included on the 'Tomorrow Never Dies' home video release, this one-minute promo introduces the upcoming videogame adaptation of the film, but also teases the next big screen adventure 'Bond 19' and announces its release date of December 1999.

Tomorrow Never Dies 'The Mission Continues' Promotional Video

The game as advertised here would never come to light. Instead, a simplified and cut-down game based loosely on the film - not an original continuation - would finally make it to PlayStation a year later in November 1999. A Windows version was never released, either.

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