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The Return of James Bond

8th August 2022

United Artists went all-in on their TV spot campaign back in 1995

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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TV spots for Bond films have been a bit all over the place. Some were just cut downs of the trailers, whilst others branched out with their own pitch. The creative juices have been a bit conservative in recent years during the Daniel Craig era. For 'GoldenEye', United Artists began down the traditional path, but then went wild.

In six minutes you can watch their campaign evolve from using shots of the trailer, pivoting to slow artistic cross-fades that look like an ‘in memorial’ video, to blasting heavy metal music, bringing back the ‘nobody does it better’ line, wrong-footing audiences with classic black-tie invitation, and later strobing ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘7’ in a very 90s font. Either way, they wanted you to know that this was the return of James Bond, and he was coming back on November 17th.


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