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Bond Actor Adverts

4th January 2003

Pay the money, and they will come. Bond actors past and present put their face to Japanese products in adverts you probably didn't know existed

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Timothy Dalton
Timothy Dalton made an advert for Japanese Lark cigarettes shortly after Licence To Kill - where smoking featured heavily in the film. Echoes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer years before hand, this is the most "Bond" like of all the adverts.

Dalton simmers

"Need a light?"

"Speak Lark"

Download Dalton Advert

Sean Connery
Sean Connery made two adverts. For Mazda he simply walks around the car and says two words - nice work if you can get it. Slightly more humiliating was the advert for Japanese Scotch where he waltzes with himself.


Mmm, a nice drop

You dance alone

Download Conney Advert 1
Download Conney Advert 2

Pierce Brosnan
To coincide with the release of Tomorrow Never Dies in Japan, Pierce Brosnan made a series of adverts for Elsereine cosmetics. Pure chocolate box "Mill & Boon" style direction, and an even worse script.

"As if yesterday..."

"Her lovely complexion..."

"Forever beautiful"

Download Brosnan Advert

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