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Actor Adverts (5)

10th October 2016

Pierce Brosnan has appeared in a new advert for breath freshener, Pan Bahar

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Last week former 007 star Pierce Brosnan made a splash on the front page of Indian newspapers, promoting Pan Bahar, the 'most expensive' pan masala. He also starred in this espionage-themed, minute-long advert for the substance.

Dropped at the door by a beautiful woman in a sportscar, Bronsan infiltrates a glamorous location, knocking out hostiles with a packet of Pan Bahar.

The campaign caused some discomfort amongst Indian Bond fans as the mouth freshener product Pan Bahar is said to be the spiritual successor to pan masala, a semi-addictive psychotropic chewing tobacco. Although the company denied that the mouth freshener product Brosnan promoted had the same side effect – saying its constituent parts were instead "Betelnut, Lime, Catechu, Cardamom seeds, Sandal wood oil, and Kewara" – this did not stop many turning to twitter in astonishment and reproach. In response, the manufacturer further denied that the product contained any tobacco. "We are trying to change that perception and this is a first step," a representative of Ashok& Co told the BBC.

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