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Mendes In Conversation

16th June 2013

Watch a video interview with Sam Mendes, conducted by fellow director Paul Greengrass, and recorded for DirectorsUK

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Late in 2012 "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes and Bourne series helmsman Paul Greengrass convened as part of a series of interviews for DirectorsUK, a professional association of directors working with the moving image in the UK, with over 4,500 members. In the 35 minute discussion Mendes reveals how he spoke to Greengrass beforehand, seeking guidance for taking on a big action blockbuster like "Skyfall" they also talk "Avengers" and the stresses of studio-directed release dates; share stories about Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson as 007 producers and their hands-off approach to working with their directors and about the direction Mendes took 007.

"You know, fundamentally, [Bond] is going to return stronger than ever. Only when he's been tested to the limit, pushed past the point from which he appears to have no chance of returning. That's the fun of it. We are in a universe, thanks in a large part to the Bourne movies, and also the Dark Knight... [and] other dark, character-driven tentpole movies... I didn't invent that, Fleming invented that." - Sam Mendes

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