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"Blood Stone" Strategy Guide (2)

24th December 2010

Follow the straightforward path to a dead end. Ascend the small hut, shimmy to the left, and execute a stealth takedown on the sentry. Follow the path, executing takedowns and focus aims as you continue, to a security camera. Analyze the camera with the Smartphone in order to disable it. Continue following the path to a courtyard, where you’ll disable another camera. Follow the path. When you emerge in another courtyard, eliminate the guards, proceed to the opposite end, and ascend the staircase to continue on the path. When you emerge in another courtyard, disable another camera (mounted on a pillar). Continue along the path to find yourself on an identical level with the roof. Jump onto the walkway to the roof, jump to the windowsill, execute a stealth takedown, and finally enter the building.

Enter the right-side door and kill the guards in the respective room, taking cover behind whatever you consider appropriate. Proceed to the opposite end of the room and open two sets of double doors and proceed left to discover the Pomarov’s lift. Use the respective computer and you’ll discover you require three key codes. Turn rearward, activate your Smartphone, and proceed down the right-side hall. From your vantage point, you’ll see the floor manager. When in range, use the Smartphone to access his code. Look rightward and you’ll find a corridor – traverse the corridor and you’ll find the casino host, who you’ll scan to receive his code. Exit the corridor you entered and proceed right to find a red and gold-lined corridor to traverse. Open the set of double doors at the corridor’s end and kill enemies inside, taking cover behind the railing paneling. When everyone is dispatched, scan the security guard’s code. Return to Pomarov’s elevator (rightward after exiting the red corridor), unlock the doors with the computer, and enter the elevator.

Proceed through the double doors directly in front and enter the right-side double doors. Proceed outside and vault over the railing. Travel to the ceiling’s end and look leftward to discover a set of platforms to jump across. Do so, while shimmying when necessary, and climb the railing to enter Pomarov’s office. Proceed rightward and use your Smartphone to open the wall-mounted safe. After the cinematic, hold your position until guards enter the office. Make your way back to Pomarov’s elevator. At the alternate floor, proceed forward to the gambling room, where you’ll fight to the opposite end of double doors. Proceed along the path to a room with sculptures. Fight to the opposite end of double doors. Follow the path to another gambling room, where you’ll fight to either corridor in order to reach a set of double doors, which, upon opening them, will end the level.

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