Single player campaign walkthrough guide now online for the Bangkok chapter of "James Bond 007: Blood Stone"...

"Blood Stone" Strategy Guide (4)

10th January 2011

Enter the double doors, equip your Smartphone, and walk up the ascending walkway to your left. Scan the bug inside. Return to the main aquarium and advance toward the large center tank. Scan the bug. Turn rearward and advance toward the smaller left-side tank. Scan the bug. Turn right and submit the recordings to the transmitter. The correct order is Yellow, Blue, Red. Return to the large tank, where you collected the second bug. After the conversation with Ping, advance forward to where you captured the first bug and follow the linear path to the aquarium’s top floor. When you have the opportunity to collect the DSR-1, obtain it – it will be of great use for the level’s remainder. When you reach the aquarium’s top floor, enter the open doorway and ascend the stairs to reach the aquarium roof exit. To pursue the assassin, climb the yellow ladder and follow the relatively straightforward path, while executing takedowns on enemies as necessary.

Advance forward to the white truck; you’ll automatically man it. Steer erratically to disengage the caboose. Pursue the green garbage truck – it’s rather difficult to lose – for the remainder of the level.

Execute a stealth takedown on the advancing police officer. Turn right and advance through the small street to the wooden door. Burst through the door, attract the attention of many police officers (without being shocked!), and immediately take cover behind the wooden door you entered from. As the policemen advance, execute takedowns. After eliminating the police officers, proceed to their automobiles and enter the faraway wooden door. Take cover behind the roadblocks and either focus aim the stun gun to eliminate the police officers or execute takedowns in rapid succession. In the small alcove, climb the stack of boxes and the ladder to emerge on a roof. Climb over barriers, jump across rooftops and streets, and takedown police officers whenever necessary until you come to seemingly a dead end, manned by a police officer. You’ll view a cable connecting the streets – climb across it. When you drop to ground level and eliminate another police officer, you’ll come to seemingly another dead end – open the well-camouflaged wooden doors across from the roadblocks to emerge in a new area. Enter the red doors to trigger a cinematic.

Eliminate the two guards and advance down the path toward a courtyard. You’ll soon emerge in a large area where you prepare for another long battle. Hide behind a pillar in the short corridor and eliminate enemies. When matters have quieted, advance toward the middle of the courtyard and turn rearward to view a small alley – enemies will emerge; return to your original position. Eliminate new enemies and return to where new enemies emerged – enter the newly opened doors to find yourself in an empty store. Fight to the exit, northwest of the entrance.

After exiting, enter the wooden double doors directly in front and enter the small corridor, rightward of your position. Follow the path until you come to seemingly a dead end – enter the “Rak’s Boat Repairs” shop and use the switch, which opens a gate directly to your left as you exit the shack.

Follow the straightforward path to another seemingly dead end, before which is a wooden door to be kicked open. You’ll soon find yourself in a large room with crates – hide behind suitable cover and eliminate enemies. The exit is directly across the room. After exiting the room, follow the straightforward path to chase Rak in order to end the level.


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