James Bond 007 - A Silent Armageddon

Publisher: Acme Comics Ltd, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications Ltd
Released: Issue #1 - March 1993
Issue #2 May 1993
Issue #3 - August 1993 *
Issue #4 October 1993 *
Artist: John M. Burns
Writer: Simon Jowett
Cover Artists: John M. Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Data Stream
Villains: Mr Lefleur, Tamao, Miss Gibson, Eddie Byle, Erik Klebb
Bond Girls: Professor Jessica Penrose
Allies: Terri Li, M, Miss Moneypenny, Felix Leiter
Locations: Oxford, London, New York, Europe, Hong Kong
Above: Promotional flyer for "A Silent Armageddon" issue #1

Capsule Synopsis
Criminal organization Cerberus, is willing to kill anyone who stands in their way of controlling Omega - a computer program with the most valuable possession of all - a consciousness. Bond must baby sit a computer genius and learn the secrets of her latest development before Cerberus can attempt a second kidnapping., an attack on New York, and a final confrontation in cyberspace.

Above: Cover design for cancelled Issue #3


Official Synopsis
Issue #1 -
Death in virtual reality. Has Bond met his match with Omega, a computer that has acquired the most valuable possession of all -- consciousness? Bond turns to help from a most unexpected source -- a thirteen-year-old girl. James Bond 007: A Silent Armageddon takes Bond to new dimensions of adventure.

Issue #2 - Omega, the most powerful computer in the world, is the prize coveted by agents of CERBERUS -- a prize they will kill to possess. With Omega under CERBERUS' control, they will have access and control of a worldwide communications system. What will Bond do to prevent this silent coup, especially when Omega seems to be evolving a consciousness of its own?


Cancelled Issues - Official Synopsis
Issue #3 -
A deadly computer virus demonstrates its lethal potential through automatic teller machines, hospital equipment, and prison cell locks in New York City. James Bond and Terri are determined to find out whether the Omega computer program is responsible for the mayhem, but the son of an old nemesis is even more determined to see Bond dead!

Issue #4 - All hell breaks loose as Bond attacks the heart of Cerberus' operation, deep beneath the streets of Hong Kong's Hidden City. He must destroy the ultimate computer virus, OMEGA, before Cerberus can use it to destroy the world. And his only allies are a band of untrustworthy mercenaries and a teenage girl!

This grittiest Bond adventure yet takes 007 into a new universe of adventure, since to destroy OMEGA he has to face death in the world of Virtual Reality.

Above: Cover design for cancelled Issue #4

SPECTRE were to play the part of the villainous organization behind the operations, but Glidrose reportedly blocked their inclusion - and Cerberus was born. Despite the completion of story and script work, issue three was cancelled after the artwork allegedly arrived six months after it's planned release date, and issue four was never completed.

Issues 3 and 4 would have moved from the attack on New York to Europe, and in part four to beneath the streets of Hong Kong, and eventually to Terri's birthplace in the hidden city. Bond's final confrontation would have taken place in cyberspace, with Terri assisting him as her vision of a Bond girl.

Best Line
"Mister Bond and I have unfinished business"

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